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January 19, 2009


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“Monday Monday, can’t trust that day.” So sang the Mamas and Papas many years ago. It got me to wondering about the idea of trust.

There used to be a TV show called “Who Do You Trust?” where Johnny Carson honed his TV chops. There are “trust falls” at scout camps and team building seminars, and we find the words “In God We Trust” on currency and in courtrooms.

It seems we are surrounded by a concept that, on first blush, is in short supply.

What is trust? I think if you examine it carefully, it turns out to be a sensation in our body that we affix a label to called “trust.”

Our nature is to trust. We have been conditioned not to.

The difficulty with the conditioning is that we have moved our sense of trust from our body to our mind where there is always a dichotomy about it. “How can I trust him when he didn’t come through in the past?” “I should trust him though because he’s family.”

The debate goes on and on and trust remains a mental concept.

This is certainly not a suggestion to ignore your experience and become blindly trusting and naïve. That’s one reason we have an intellect – to parse out the wheat from the chaff. That function of our mind is to be celebrated. It will save you a lot of grief, not to mention money.

The downside of evaluation is you stay in your head and ignore your body. That’s like judging the region’s weather by describing the snowfall in your front yard. It turns out to be a false barometer more often than not.

If trust is a feeling, get familiar with what that sensation feels like. Go back in your mind and think of a time when you felt the sensation you call trust and it worked for you. Notice what trust feels like in your body. Then think of another time when you felt the sensation of trust and catalog it.

You are calibrating your body to recognize trust. Practice this until you know what trust feels like for you.

Then, the next time you are in a situation to choose whether to trust or not, check in with body and see if this scenario passes the sniff test.

This simple calibration of your body will allow you to trust in trust once again.

It feels great and it will save you lots of debate.

All the best,


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