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January 8, 2009


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I had a brief visit with The Grasshopper this morning. He said,

“Giving begins when withholding ends.”

It got me curious about these two actions – giving and withholding.

True giving has no expectation. There is no Quid pro quo considered by a genuine giver. If there is, that’s no longer giving but deal making.

No caring father or mother nursing a sick child is saying, “I’m giving this care in order to reserve my place in heaven.”

Pure giving expects nothing in return. The reward comes from the giving itself.

Conditional giving is really withholding. You are holding out for something before you are willing to give. Withholding has an air of uncertainty about it which leads to constriction, rather than the flow that giving creates.

Withholders tend to be sickly. When you cannot open up to the flow of life, life doesn’t flow that well through your body.

Some withholders are afraid to allow themselves to flow. The fear that keeps them from giving of themselves is the conditioned misperception that they are not enough. Their withholding doesn’t come from stinginess, but rather fear.

Other withholding stems from a sense of superiority. When you think you are a rung or two up on most others, giving translates into “giving away” your position of “King of the Hill.” So you hold on to your illusionary spot and all flow ceases.

Giving is not a consciously arrived at state. It comes without pre-thought. Yet it will rarely come if we’re highly invested in withholding.

What are you withholding? Whatever you are withholding from the world, the world is withholding from you.

War ends when peace begins. Flow begins when withholding ends.

The question isn’t “What should I be giving?” Giving will come naturally and effortlessly when your withholding ends.

Begin to wonder what it is that you are withholding from the world. Then open that valve a little and feel how wonderful it is to take the pressure off and let yourself flow. This is the beginning step to a life of giving that allows life to flow in both directions – out to others and back to you.

All the best,


P.S. If you need an excuse to celebrate today, it’s Elvis’ birthday.

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