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January 2, 2009

Different States

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Since I travel a lot in my seminar business, I have been to more states in the U.S. than most people. I make it a hobby to notice the local landmarks and regional differences.

For example, in eastern Wisconsin, they call traffic lights “Stop & Go” lights. In New England, if you order a regular coffee, it comes with cream and sugar – not black. The world’s largest buffalo lives in Jamestown, North Dakota, and the largest condom factory in America is in Dothan, Alabama. There are zillions more but these are enough to prime the pump for different states.

Sometimes we confuse states. When I tell people I live in Rhode Island, they say they’ve never been to New York. My guess is they are thinking of Long Island.

The Grasshopper offered this bit of Rand McNally wisdom:

“Happiness is a state of mind; peacefulness is a state of being.”

How often we get the two confused.

Happiness starts with a thought; serenity begins with a feeling.

We are looking for happiness; peacefulness is looking for us.

Things make us happy. There is no thing necessary to bring us peace.

Happiness is always contingent on something happening. Peacefulness doesn’t need outer circumstances to change in order for it to visit.

Happiness and peace are both wonderful states, but they are different. When you get to the border area of a state, there are many things that are similar to the neighboring state. The deeper you get into the state is when the differences become apparent.

It’s true that peacefulness can bring more happiness and happiness can bring peace. The difference is this: The peacefulness that happiness brings usually only lasts as long as the happy situation is in place. Peacefulness is more enduring and can cross state lines with ease.

I wouldn’t ask you to choose between the two – just notice the difference.

You will find more peace when you give up the thought that I need “this” to be happy. When you allow yourself the permission to let your thoughts calm down, peace finds you. Out of that peaceful state comes many road signs that can lead to happiness.

I wish you peace and happiness on your journey.

All the best,


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