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December 16, 2008

Saying “Yes” to “No”

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I was reading Eckhart Tolle‘s ONENESS WITH ALL LIFE the other night and noted this:

“The truth is that you need to say yes to suffering before you can transcend it.”

It dawned on me that you have to say yes to all pain in order to transcend it. The same is true for any unwanted condition or state of mind.

The situation must become a reality in your world rather than a part of your world that you are denying. Once it is recognized for what it is, a reality, it is much more quickly transcended.

The denying mind acts as a thief of relief.

The longer we say no; the longer we suffer.

Let’s take the elusive state that people constantly aspire to – happiness. We have been conditioned to rail against its counterpart, unhappiness. “It shouldn’t be this way.” The constantly overlooked fact is that it is this way. All of our time is spent wishing it weren’t.

Our angle of view needs to change in order to change our situation. The new national pastime, piss and moan, isn’t working.

This doesn’t mean you cannot be empathetic or sympathetic to an unwanted situation, or upset by it. Those are natural reactions for most.

The trick is to recognize the reaction and pivot towards peace. Reminds me of a story . . .

Many years ago I was attending a training seminar for broadcasting managers. I forget the guy who was conducting the training but he did say one thing I remember and use ’til this day. He was pointing out how we would have many employee problems cross our paths on a regular basis, many with high drama. He said the first and foremost rule in dealing with the situation was to “shorten the storm.”

Storms cause damage and the longer you let them hang around, the more devastation you will deal with.

A storm lengthener is saying no. We always say no to peace when we continually piece together the reasons it shouldn’t be the way it is.

The acceptance of our reality is the first step in shortening our storm. Anything but acceptance is a diversion and will keep the dark clouds over our heads.

The Grasshopper calls it saying “Yes” to “No.”

Like the old Ella Fitzgerald song goes INTO EACH LIFE SOME RAIN MUST FALL. If you pretend it’s not there or you repeatedly curse and bemoan it, it will become like a weather high pressure system and hold your storm in place.

Acceptance is necessary for transcendence. And for those of us who have difficulty with accepting things as they are, we can start with baby steps.

Paraphrasing Colin Tipping, author of RADICAL FORGIVENESS,

“If you find that you cannot accept something, accept that you cannot accept it.”

This practice gives us practice with accepting.

The more we say “Yes” to “No,” the more we let life flow.

All the best,


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December 15, 2008


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Do you have faith? Not a faith, but faith?

Listening to people you would think they don’t but on further inspection, it seems that they do. Perhaps a story would be helpful . . .

Many years ago I worked with a woman who was deathly afraid of flying. It all stemmed from when she was a teenager and was on a flight that was going through some “weather” as the pilots affectionately call it. It was quite choppy. All of a sudden this flight hit an air pocket and dropped like the Tower of Terror at Disney World.

This girl in stark fear reached out and grabbed the hair of the woman in front of her and came away with a hunk of the woman’s hair. The plane eventually made its way through the chop and landed quite safely. Fast forward to many years later when this woman’s husband has an opportunity to take a business/pleasure trip to an exclusive resort in Costa Rica. All the top sales people and their spouses were invited. This involved flying there.

She came to me and wanted help because she didn’t want her husband to miss out on this career acknowledgement and a much needed vacation. He wouldn’t go without her. She was terrified of flying. Just talking about it gave her goose bumps and a turned stomach. She said she didn’t have faith in her ability to fly again. I agreed with her. I said you have dedicated all your faith to the plane going down. I told her our job was to reallocate that faith.

I got a wonderful postcard from Costa Rica. It said, “I’m not in love with flying yet, but I haven’t ripped anyone’s hair out. Thank you! Janice.”

I remembered that story when I got this musing from The Grasshopper over the weekend:

“Do you have faith in your ability to fail?”

It seems we can’t muster the faith to succeed, but we have no problem in churning up enough of it to fail.

The transformation from one to the other begins with just noticing how much faith we naturally put in things everyday without even thinking about it. We have faith that the light switch will go on, the toaster will work, that our car will take us from here to there. Anyone of these things could fail at a moment’s notice, but we don’t allocate our faith there.

The lack of faith we have comes down to conditioning. Oftentimes, like Janice, we take one event and extrapolate it across our entire lives and automatically lack faith in a certain area. It’s not necessary to find the root cause, but only to start noticing that you do have faith. It’s just been misappropriated.

Faith is another word for confidence. Both are feeling sensations in your body. The good news is those feelings are transferable to any situation – including a scary airplane or amusement ride.

It takes a little rehearsal and the practice is worth it. Here’s one exercise that works wonders:

Think of a time when you felt confident about anything. Notice what your body feels like when you are confident. Then think of another time you felt confident and again notice how that feels in your body. Practice knowing what confidence feels like. Then, think of a situation where you lack faith in yourself or lack confidence. You’ll notice those feelings are different. The moment you feel those feelings begin, have your mind switch back to what confidence feels like.

Do this exercise over and over. The second you feel the scary feelings, throw the switch to allow the confident feelings to show up. The more often you practice in your mind, the better you will get at it in real life. What happens, over time, is that the switch automatically throws itself. It’s a wonderful method for reconditioning your mind and reallocating your resources.

I have faith that you’ll find this exercise as time well spent.

All the best,


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December 12, 2008


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I’ll be honest; I’ve never seen a partridge in a pear tree. The closest I ever got was seeing episodes of The Partridge Family. Sorry to report, my little turtledove, that neither experience will help me or you avoid the 12 DAZE.

These are the mental puddles we step in all the time. The objective is to start noticing them as they come up so that we can sidestep them. This allows us to operate from higher, dryer ground and avoid walking around in a DAZE.

Be on the lookout for the 12 DAZE.

DAZE 1 – Life shouldn’t contain emotional pain.

DAZE 2 – It’s not my fault.

DAZE 3 – That’s just the way I am.

DAZE 4 – If only . . .

DAZE 5 – I’ll be happy when . . .

DAZE 6 – Mom/Dad loved (fill in the blank) more.

DAZE 7 – I’ll wait for them to make the first move.

DAZE 8 – I don’t need to apologize.

DAZE 9 – Fat turns into muscle.

DAZE 10 – Nobody understands me.

DAZE 11 – I’m right.

DAZE 12 – Opportunity is looking for me.

I’m sure you have your own candidates for the 12 DAZE; these are mine.

It’s a little known fact that the turkey lobby thought they should have been included rather than the 3 French hens. With that as a premise, let me know your candidates for the list. Drop me an email at or leave a comment right here in the comments section. I would love to hear from you.

Did David Cassidy and Shirley Jones really have an affair?

All the best,


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December 11, 2008

Cindy’s Birthday

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There used to be a show on TV called “The Rifleman.” It starred Chuck Conners and Johnny Crawford as a father and son in the old west. Johnny took advantage of his role on the show and launched a brief singing career. One of the songs he released is Cindy’s Birthday. It’s an awful song but it reminds me of a special person – my sister Cindy.

Today is Cindy’s birthday. I called her at work this morning to wish her birthday greetings. Cindy’s a nurse. After giving her grief for working on her birthday, (a mortal sin in my world), I got to thinking how lucky her patients are to have her.

Cindy is the antithesis of a line I remember from a Law & Order episode. A prison guard was describing a despicable inmate who was just murdered. He said, “Throw some dirt on him and pretend he never lived.”

Cindy, on the other hand, is the type of person you are glad is in the world. She brings light to so many people, many in their darkest hour. I hope the candles on her cake remind her of how special she and her light are.

On Cindy’s birthday, I encourage you to celebrate the people who bring light to your life. They are truly special and deserving of your acknowledgement.

Happy Birthday to all the Cindys of the world and a special shout out to my sister, Cindy who’s spreading her Tinkerbelle light to everyone.

All the best,


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December 10, 2008

Levels of Engagement

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It seems accurate to me that we engage others on 3 levels. I’ve labeled them as:

  1. Purpose
  2. No Purpose
  3. Purposeful

The Purpose level is pretty straight forward. We have an agenda in mind before engaging with this person. “The reason I’m calling” or “The reason I dropped by” are the overt signs of an engagement that has a purpose.

No Purpose is calling, visiting or writing a friend or family member with no agenda in mind, other than just to touch base. This is the mainstay of engagement that keeps cell phone companies and email providers in business.

Purposeful engagement rarely happens and it is the most powerful of the three. Purposeful engagement has no agenda and takes you deeper than a social hook-up.

What is purposeful engagement?

It’s the ability to interact with another where you reach past the words and touch each other in a common space. It’s as though you both entered a sphere where your words can’t be heard and there is a melding of spirits. Lots of communication happens here but oftentimes it can’t be articulated in words.

How do I get me some of that?

The same way my friend, Ned got to Carnegie Hall – Practice!

Purposeful engagement can happen within the confines of the other two. It’s just a case of remembering to be purposeful.

You can start being purposeful when you notice that you have an agenda for the interaction and just let it go. At first, this seems like working without a net. It’s scary and unfamiliar. There are many natural pregnant pauses in the interaction which can make you uncomfortable. Let them be. This is the space that gives the participants the opportunity to breathe each other without having to fill it up with the words of Purpose or No Purpose.

Reminds me of a story . . .

The first time I did this was by accident. It was some 20 years ago and I was pitching an employee communications program to the owner of a propane gas company. I did all the usual rapport building one would do and began my presentation which had a purpose. There was a lot of back and forth, along with many questions about the content and expected results of the program. It was all pretty routine until he asked me this question: How will I know I’ve enhanced my employees’ communication skills?

I had a ready-made answer for him but for some reason I didn’t bring it out. I just let the question hang in the air for what seemed like an eternity. It may have been no longer than 10 to 15 seconds but in a setting like this, that’s a long time for silence. I just sat quietly and then this question popped out of my mouth: “Why do you think your employees hate you?”

His eyes widened, he sat up straighter, and he looked at me as though I had visited his soul. He asked me, “How do you know that?” I don’t remember exactly what I said but it was on the lines of “I just had a hunch.”

This piece of information may have never surfaced unless the interaction got purposeful. The good news for both of us was that we got what we wanted. He learned to communicate versus hallucinate, and his employees learned some new, fun and useful stuff. Me, I got paid, and in the bargain I got a bigger payoff than money can buy – a sense of purposefulness.

Take the time to throw in the clutch once in a while and shift into a purposeful gear. This journey will take you into an unfamiliar, unmined territory that’s loaded with precious ores that can’t be experienced by staying on purpose.

All the best,


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December 9, 2008

Discover Your Discomfort

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I made an interesting discovery the other day – discomfort.

I was approaching a task I do each year at this time and found myself dragging my feet. There was a lot of hard work involved, so my internal dialogue decided that I was being lazy by not digging right in and doing this necessary task.

Then a debate began in my head when I rebutted myself by saying, “I’m not lazy” and offering all the times I had been industrious as evidence. This back and forth chit-chat went on for awhile until I noticed it. That’s when I made the discovery.

There was a feeling in my body that was driving my mind games that I was totally unaware of, until I wasn’t.

I recognized the feeling as the same one I had about 20 years ago. Perhaps a story . . .

We had taken a cruise and my best friend and his wife had come along as well. One of the planned ports of call was the cruise line’s own private island where there were tons of outdoor water sports to take advantage of – jet skis, swimming, snorkeling, trampolines in the water, rafts, etc. I was like a kid on Christmas morning heading down the beach undecided as to which present to unwrap first. I wanted to do it all.

In my fervor, I felt this sensation in my stomach driving me forward to the point where I was unknowingly elbowing my way in line to start my adventure. How it became known that I was pushing up in line was that I was nudging my friend and his wife out of my way. They laughingly pointed it out and I was properly embarrassed. It became the story of the cruise. My friend would get a laugh every time when he saw me that week by saying to our group, “look out now.”

The label I gave that feeling was “excitement.”

So how could I label the same feeling two different ways – discomfort and excitement?

I have discovered there is a certain amount of discomfort associated with excitement. I just never parsed it out that way before. The real discovery for me was that I was excited to do this tedious project but had only tapped into the uncomfortable part of excitement.

The bigger message here is that discomfort is a signal – one that we often ignore. Our bodies are incredible sensing devices that we give second class citizenship to. The body always has the answer first. The head is the last to know. The body doesn’t debate; it just senses.

The mind can make a game of anything, and often does. This diversion in our head keeps us divorced from our body and we ignore the signals from our front line, while our pseudo-commander smokes cigars on the hill and talks endless strategy.

It pays dividends to pay attention to what your body is telling you. “Women’s intuition” is nothing more than women being more in tune with their bodies than men. More goes on in a woman’s body in a month’s time than happens to any man. Women have a sense of their body. Yet, both men and women could pay more attention.

The more attention you give to what’s going on in your sensate self delivers more high quality information to your mind. If you need this practice to appeal to your intellect, label it as “the smart thing to do.”

Discovering your discomfort can save you from endless, diversionary debates, and you may also find some excitement in the process.

All the best,


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December 8, 2008

Beyond Words

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Words, short and simple, are representations of internal processing. That means anytime we use words, they have an internal reference which is specific to our conditioning to those words.

Other people have different references for the same words which is why Katie Couric can have a visceral response to the word “sputum” that her news writer/editor doesn’t. (see story here) Words have their limitations in communication.

So how do we bypass the stimulus/response conditioning that people have to certain words? You have to go to the place that is beyond words.

The great inspirational writers do this all the time. They enter this place where there are no words and then write words that point us back to that place. It seems like a conundrum wrapped in an enigma but that would be attempting to explain the process in words.

Words are always a poor substitute for describing experience. The best use of words then seems to be to use the ones that point to the experience. Is there a list? I don’t think so. It’s sort of like the old question, “How will I know when I’m in love?” “You won’t know until you are there” is a poorly worded answer, although accurate.

Words always compete in your head for space, especially when you are of two minds about something. You go back and forth between the opposing, descriptive words. The argument never ceases. Even after you decide, you may continue to have second thoughts.

The answer to the dilemma will not be arrived at by endless debate. When you recognize you are in such a state, it’s time to go beyond words.

There are people who pray religiously. They use a lot of words. I invite you to assess your own results with that method. The words of a prayer certainly set the tone for what you are praying for, but they alone do not deliver the goods. It’s only when you go “beyond words” that answers start appearing.

Look at mantras. They are sounds or prayers that are repeated over and over again. Is it the repetitive sound that communicates what it is that you want? No, it’s a transportation vehicle to get you to the place that is beyond words.

If you catch yourself in a thought loop (you’ll have countless opportunities every day), that’s an opportunity to go beyond words.

By trade, I’m a hypnotist. My job is to guide people to the “beyond words” state. I don’t have any magic words to get them there, just the experience of successfully doing it. At one time I thought I had a toolkit of magic words but found out they just don’t exist. I have one method to get people beyond words. There are several.

I invite you to find the way that works best for you. It’s truly important because if you can’t get beyond words, you will remain beyond hope.

All the best,


P.S. I don’t know how familiar you are with all the social networks. It’s relatively new to me. But in the coming weeks, you will have the opportunity to email a copy of any of my blog posts or Grasshopper Notes to a friend or family member. You can already add any one of my blogs to your Facebook page or use Digg to recommend a post to a whole network of readers. There are little icons at the bottom of each blog post that allow you to share the information with others. I encourage you to get curious as to how you can share any post you find helpful with others by exploring the icons at the bottom of the page.

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December 5, 2008

Which Path?

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There are so many paths we walk down in life but I think the main choice is between these two – Pleasure and Peace.

Seems most of us choose the pleasure path. It seems so logical and it makes us feel good. The reality is the pleasure path is circular and leads nowhere. We get stuck looking at the scenery of pleasure and miss the off ramp to peace.

Pleasure has a counterpart known as pain and as the old adage goes, “you wouldn’t know one without the other.” Real peace has no opposite.

The thinking goes like this: If we get enough pleasure, we won’t have to endure pain. This is the fairy tale logic pleasure seekers have bought into. They suffer the blind spot of most “true believers” – failure to recognize their belief isn’t working.

Pleasure is a wonderful human sensation and it should be honored for its contribution to our life. Manufacturing pleasure to constantly avoid pain is the stuff addictions are made of.

Pain is a sign that something is out of whack. Ignoring it or smothering it with pleasure is like putting a band aid on a broken leg.

Pain un-faced, lives another day – another day without peace. Pain is like the bill collector you are dodging. Eventually, they’re going to catch up with you. Reminds me of a story . . .

When I was in broadcasting there was a radio personality who also did some TV weather forecasting. He was a popular person in this city and quite recognizable. Who knows what caused him to do what he did next, but in broad daylight, and without a mask, he robbed a bank. It didn’t take long for the police to track him down and arrest him for his crime. Did he truly believe he wouldn’t be caught? Sadly, “Yes.”

Peace is on the other side of pain. You just have to move through the pain in order to get there. Using pleasure to cover pain over is just a diversion that keeps pain in place and peace at bay.

There is plenty of pleasure along a peaceful path and a lot less pain.

Take the time to experience your pain. Let it have a seat at the table and hear what it’s attempting to communicate to you. You may just find that it’s offering you the quickest pathway to peace where natural pleasure is a regular visitor.

All the best,


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December 4, 2008


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How do we distract ourselves? Let me count the ways.

Distraction is our largest addiction. All of us do it, it just a matter of degree.

How hooked are you? Look at your life. It’s a barometer of how otherwise occupied you are. If you continually miss where you’re aiming, you’re a candidate for a yet to be formed support group – DA, Distractors Anonymous.

All the counseling assurances apply. “You’re not alone.” “Here’s a step-by-step program to get you focused.” “Here’s a friend to call when you feel the urge to distract yourself.”

The secret to success is to find out the core cause of your distraction and act on it. There is one central cause for distraction – the fear of feeling.

I got one of those rare, in the middle of the night visits from The Grasshopper last night and I wrote down what he said in my Grasshopper Journal.

“The price of distraction is the loss of our feelings.”

Notice that there is a certain feeling in your body when you begin the process of distraction. You push that feeling away. You want to distract yourself from that feeling. This is the precise time to act; to feel. Most people wait until later and beat themselves up for distracting once again. That’s a story with a guaranteed unhappy ending. And that reminds me of a story . . .

I used to work for a man who had a track record of success using a formula of delivering all the pain up front. His expertise was in takeovers. He was a radio general manager who would come into a new station that was performing poorly, make his assessments as to what needed to be done to get it back on track, and then act on those assessments immediately. I got to ask him about his methods one day over lunch. He said that his philosophy was that all the bleeding that was to be done would happen right away. It couldn’t be done piecemeal or the working environment would be fraught with fear. All who survived knew there was no sword hanging over their head, and they could rest assured, that as long as they performed their job, they would have a job to perform. He dealt with that distraction up front.

The remedy for distraction is to feel the feeling until it’s no longer there. That means not delaying the feeling but to act on it right away. The fear of the feeling keeps you distracting yourself from it by engaging in other activities that don’t support your stated objective.

Notice the feeling that’s about to drive you to distraction and sit with it. The reason it keeps coming back is because it wants you to feel it fully. The quickest way to the other side of a feeling is to wade straight through it. No piecemeal attempts will get you there.

“I don’t want to feel this feeling” is the biggest distraction known to personhood. If it keeps knocking on your door, the best response is to let it in and the distractions will cease.

This feeling is an ally rather than an enemy. It has the ability to get you to where you need to go next. It’s a basic tool of change that we keep at the bottom of the toolbox while distracting ourselves with the newest 12 in one gadget.

I hope this blog post has been a productive distraction.

All the best,


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December 3, 2008

Shelf Life

Filed under: John Morgan's Blog — John Morgan @ 10:15 am

Seems almost everything has an expiration date with the exception of Maraschino cherries. Even that god awful, ready-in-5-minutes turkey stuffing has a shelf life.

The Grasshopper checked in with his version of Ashes to Ashes the other day when he delivered this gem:

“You came from nothing; you’re returning to nothing, so while you’re here, do something.”

Just as noise comes out of and returns to silence, so do we.

This silence or force of creation from which we come has no time, yet everything that is created from that space has a shelf life.

Has time ever stood still for you? I’ve had it spontaneously happen a handful of times in my life – enough to know there is a place where time doesn’t exist.

Some people report the experience when seeing a majestic sunset. Others report it from a hospital bed. My first experience with this timelessness was nothing novels are made of, but totally unforgettable.

Many years ago I was standing outside of a store which is now a Target. It was a Sunday afternoon and I was waiting for my wife who was returning a purchase. There was nothing special going on, just a drive to the store. As I stood there waiting, I was looking across the parking lot and beyond to the valley off in the distance. It’s hard to describe, unless you’ve felt it, but there was an instant tension release and a total sense of calm and peacefulness that came over me. And for the few minutes that it lasted, the earth stood still and my mind was totally quiet.

When I returned to my normal state, my first question was, “How do I get that to happen again?” It’s like the pleasant dream you wake up from that you want to go back to but can’t get there. There was a burst of creation that followed this event where things just seemed to fall into place without lots of striving.

It got me curious about this place where we create. Not only that, but I also came to know that our creations are finite and nothing we can hold on to forever. This experience fostered a sense of appreciation about creation and the seeming inability of humans to recognize that time is finite. Reminds me of a story . . .

When Basketball legend, Pat Riley coached the “Showtime” Los Angeles Lakers in the 80’s, he offered more than X’s and O’s to his players. He offered them personal wisdom their tender years had not afforded them. One piece of advice was what he called “Your window of opportunity.” He would let these young players know their careers would not last forever and that they had an even smaller span of time within their career to take advantage of their position. It really boiled down to two old expressions:

  1. When you’re hot, you’re hot and when you’re not, you’re not.
  2. Make hay while the sun shines.

Our lifetimes are finite. Ask any actuary. This is not a dress rehearsal unless you believe in reincarnation. And even if you do, there is a “window of opportunity” within that lifetime.

Allowing the force of creation to work through you is time sensitive even though the force itself is timeless. That means to begin noticing how we sidetrack ourselves in this finite lifetime away from our window of opportunity by looking at a blank wall.

Our purpose in life is to co-create with the universal creative force. That usually doesn’t happen in a time bound world where we forget there is a place of timelessness. Find that place for yourself through quiet contemplation and reap the rewards in this lifetime.

Your window of opportunity is always now. What will you create with the time you have?

All the best,


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