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December 8, 2008

Beyond Words

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Words, short and simple, are representations of internal processing. That means anytime we use words, they have an internal reference which is specific to our conditioning to those words.

Other people have different references for the same words which is why Katie Couric can have a visceral response to the word “sputum” that her news writer/editor doesn’t. (see story here) Words have their limitations in communication.

So how do we bypass the stimulus/response conditioning that people have to certain words? You have to go to the place that is beyond words.

The great inspirational writers do this all the time. They enter this place where there are no words and then write words that point us back to that place. It seems like a conundrum wrapped in an enigma but that would be attempting to explain the process in words.

Words are always a poor substitute for describing experience. The best use of words then seems to be to use the ones that point to the experience. Is there a list? I don’t think so. It’s sort of like the old question, “How will I know when I’m in love?” “You won’t know until you are there” is a poorly worded answer, although accurate.

Words always compete in your head for space, especially when you are of two minds about something. You go back and forth between the opposing, descriptive words. The argument never ceases. Even after you decide, you may continue to have second thoughts.

The answer to the dilemma will not be arrived at by endless debate. When you recognize you are in such a state, it’s time to go beyond words.

There are people who pray religiously. They use a lot of words. I invite you to assess your own results with that method. The words of a prayer certainly set the tone for what you are praying for, but they alone do not deliver the goods. It’s only when you go “beyond words” that answers start appearing.

Look at mantras. They are sounds or prayers that are repeated over and over again. Is it the repetitive sound that communicates what it is that you want? No, it’s a transportation vehicle to get you to the place that is beyond words.

If you catch yourself in a thought loop (you’ll have countless opportunities every day), that’s an opportunity to go beyond words.

By trade, I’m a hypnotist. My job is to guide people to the “beyond words” state. I don’t have any magic words to get them there, just the experience of successfully doing it. At one time I thought I had a toolkit of magic words but found out they just don’t exist. I have one method to get people beyond words. There are several.

I invite you to find the way that works best for you. It’s truly important because if you can’t get beyond words, you will remain beyond hope.

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