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December 19, 2008

Your Light

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“Discover the energy that creates your light” was the most recent message from The Grasshopper (the part of you that lets the truth slip out from time to time).

We have all had the occasion to be around people who light up a room. It could be at a formal or informal gathering. This should not be confused with someone who wears a lampshade or has a polished act. They, for the most part, use artificial lighting. The light that reaches others is a natural light that glows effortlessly. We all want to be illuminated and warmed by their light.

Here’s one of life’s best kept secrets: Everyone has this light but most of us find a way to put a drain on it and, as a result, it doesn’t shine so brightly.

Powering your light to maximum wattage is a 2 step process.

  1. Discover the energy source.
  2. Find the short circuit curbing this energy and fix it.

Discovering your energy source begins by just taking the time to notice that you are being powered by something. Call it a battery. Sense that energy by simply putting your attention on it. Focus on a part of your body right now and just feel the sensation that’s going on in that part of your anatomy. Pick your hands or feet for starters. Just focusing your attention on a part of your body makes you aware of the energy that’s flowing through it. It’s always there; we just don’t notice. For coaching on this process, I recommend my CD RELAX IN 2 MINUTES.

The drain on our light is the amount of time we spend in our head. Every time you go to “think things over,” again, you siphon off precious energy and your light remains at low wattage. The more time you spend inside your head, the more often you blow a fuse.

You can short circuit your short circuiting by plainly noticing that you’re doing it.

Noticing our thinking apparatus at work is something we rarely do. Our thinking is on automatic pilot generating the same draining thoughts over and over. When we notice our thoughts as an impartial observer, rather than as an unwitting participant, we make a direct connection to our energy source. This is when we shine.

Practice noticing your thinking machine at work. Thinking is the biggest drain of your energy. When you begin to notice, you begin to glow a little brighter.

How you will know this, comes from internal and external clues. Internally, you will feel more peaceful and have a warmth about you. Externally, people will begin commenting on your light. It may take the form of a question or statement such as, “Have you lost weight?” “Are you wearing your hair differently?” “You seem very cheerful.”

They can’t quite figure out what’s different about you but they recognize the difference. You’re beaming more brightly.

If you’re looking for a New Year’s resolution that lasts, make it your mission to discover the energy that creates your light. It’s a truly positive addiction.

Go ahead, I dare you. Make Tinkerbelle jealous!

All the best,


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