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September 22, 2008


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It seems that a Potluck Dinner is one where everyone brings something to a gathering for consumption. If everyone raves about your contribution, it’s easy to come forward and take credit for it. It’s a bit harder if you brought the broccoli encased in Jell-O.

But for many, stepping forward is considered stepping back and they deny bringing anything to the gathering. There is ample evidence that they walked through the door with a covered dish but to hear them tell it, everyone else was mistaken.

We all contribute to the recipe of the human drama we find ourselves in. And until we own up to our piece of the pie, all remain famished at the smorgasbord.

There are recipes for success and failure and we have all contributed to both. The gale force wind of denial keeps the dust swirling with no settlement in sight.

If you’re involved in a long-standing dust storm, examine your role in keeping it alive or in a hump beneath the rug. When you acknowledge what you brought to the party, it’s easier to contribute to the clean-up.

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