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September 8, 2008

Self Discovery

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I was chatting with my friend and John Morgan Seminars coordinator, Hali the other day and she brought up the topic of self-improvement. She was saying that it was too limiting a term. I agreed. I said that most self improvement is geared towards the wants and desires of the ego – more of this, less of that.

Self improvement is a buzzword that has drawing power and I will continue to use it because it’s the language most people speak. Yet the term casts too narrow a net and can only capture a certain type of fish when there are oceans full to choose from.

Personal improvement is a noble goal and pays dividends. It rarely delivers the big payday the ads would have you believe. The big payoff comes when you find yourself through self discovery.

Self discovery has you look inward versus outward. It has you peer into your soul rather than examine the contents of your mind. Examining your thoughts leads you to other thoughts which lead to a never ending loop of internal dialogue. That strategy produces wonderful arguments and theories, but too few solutions. To quote the late Dr. Dave Dobson, “Theory is bulls**t. Defending your theory is bulls**t squared.”

We spend far too much energy defending stuff that doesn’t work. Self improvement has a cadre of defenders.

Self discovery is something that’s not as sexy as self improvement so you won’t find as many people drawn towards it. It’s a path that always leads inward towards your source. Self discovery will never have you chase the horizon – but just enjoy the sunrise. There isn’t a lot of activity associated with self discovery, yet it does take work.

The work begins by quieting your mind – the caldron of self improvement chit-chat. Once your mind calms down and spaces show up between your thoughts, you start to get a peek at yourself. It’s more of a feel than it is a picture but the sensation is unmistakable. The calm clarity you find when you go inward is self discovery. You find you at the deepest point.

The grand offshoot of self discovery is that self improvement is its natural byproduct. There is less striving and more allowing. The things you struggled with for years and years get put into a different light and seen from a different angle. This allows new strategies to form naturally instead of being contrived. You allow your internal resources to guide you versus having your mind berate you.

The discovery of self is the most valuable gift you will ever receive and the giver is closer than your nose.

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