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February 18, 2008

Language & Math

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I was reading the comic, The Family Circus by Bill Keane this morning and little Billy poses this question as he sits and does his homework: “How come the alphabet ends with Z, but numbers keep going on forever?”

Did you ever notice that the Universe goes on forever? Words can’t explain it; nor can logic. So if you can’t explain it in words or logically work it out, it must not exist. Ah ha, I have made a deep discovery – the universe does not exist. Before you send the fellows in the white coats, I’m just exhibiting the logic of those who limit themselves with logic and language.

Math is more precise than words. “I have an aching headache” expressed in words leaves a lot out. The statement is not precise enough to gain an appreciation for what is going on with another. Yet, if you got out all the scientific measurement gizmos and did an extensive set of tests, you could mathematically represent your findings. This would give you a more complete picture of what’s going on with the patient.

The universe is easier represented by math. Little Billy was accurate. Did you ever attempt to divide Pi by 2? The numbers go on and on. Or like the old adage goes, “No matter how thin you slice it, you always have two sides.”

Language is learned before math. It’s been with us longer but it is the more limiting of the two subjects. Words will always be incomplete and imprecise. Everything can be represented mathematically once you figure out the formula. Expanding the dictionary will just get you a mental hernia.

Eckhart Tolle refers to words as signposts or pointers. They point to that which you cannot see or logically express, but can certainly feel. Archimedes didn’t think his way to his principle. He took a bath. The principle came to him not in words but in formula. The words always come last. They are an attempt to explain a formula.

Words and logic run into stop signs; math just goes on and on into infinity. If anyone ever figures out infinity, they will do it mathematically. If you spend the same amount of time on the infinity conundrum logically and mathematically, math will get you closer every time. It’s like the great football coach, Vince Lombardi said after his team lost, “We didn’t lose; we just ran out of time.” Spending your time on logic will only take you so far.

The furtherance of language is a human skill. The invisible mathematical matrix that lies behind the universe is godly.

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