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February 1, 2008

Sleep Deep

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Below is a newsletter I sent out yesterday to my John Morgan Seminars database. It contains some eye-opening nuggets for people on a quest to lose weight.


Looks like a headline from an ad you would see in the National Enquirer. There is more to this claim than a come on headline, and when you go deeper into the story you find that there is tangible proof.

The word “Hypnosis” is Greek word which literally means to sleep. This is due to the fact that when some people enjoy this relaxing state of mind with their eyes closed, they can appear to be asleep.

And hypnosis is one of the best methods on earth for training yourself to sleep deeply.

Over 50 million American have insomnia – difficulty sleeping, interruption of sleep, inability to get back to sleep. This causes them irritability, sluggishness, and a constant state of feeling tired. The cause for most sleeplessness is a restless mind and that is why hypnosis is so effective because it quiets your mind which naturally quiets your body and allows you to rest comfortably and deeply.

You may not suffer from insomnia but you still may not be enjoying satisfying, therapeutic sleep. You may get a full night’s sleep but you don’t feel energized and ready for the day. That is the difference between just sleeping and sleeping deeply.

Many people sleep at a very shallow level which cheats them out of the full benefit of their nightly slumber. When you sleep deeply, there is a natural, refreshed feeling upon awakening. Think back to that day when you woke up fully rested and notice how that vibrant energy permeated your whole day.

Fully rested needn’t be just an occasional memory. More on that in a moment . . . First, let me tell you how deep sleep helps you lose weight.

My colleague, Doug O’Brien has done extensive research on deep sleep and weight loss. Aside from being one of the best hypnotists on the planet earth, Doug helped found the Department of Complimentary Medicine at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital in the mid-nineties, under Dr. Mehmet Oz (yes, the same Dr. Oz you see on Oprah). When Doug speaks, I listen.

Here’s the non-technical version. When you sleep at deep levels, you produce coveted growth hormone which stimulates healthy cell growth and reproduction. So what does that have to do with weight loss?

One of the amazing benefits of growth hormone is that it naturally speeds up your metabolism. When you metabolism increases, your excess weight begins to burn off. Did you ever wonder what those Hollywood actors and actresses were having injected at those foreign spas to help them lose weight?

You don’t have to leave the county and get injected with growth hormone to lose weight. You can produce it naturally by sleeping deeply. It’s really that simple. You don’t have to take dangerous doses of something that your body produces naturally, and in appropriate amounts, when you sleep deep.

Speaking of dangerous doses, have you ever read the side effects listed on the packaging of sleeping pills? “Suicidal thoughts, nightmares, abnormal thinking, withdrawal, anxiety, amnesia and decreased testosterone” just to name a few. If you are taking sleeping pills, you will sleep, but at very shallow levels. The chemicals prevent you from reaching that deep, nourishing level of sleep that most people can only remember.

Deep, nourishing, metabolism increasing sleep is available to anyone who makes the effort to learn how to do it.

Since announcing this natural way to speed up your metabolism, the sales of my SLEEP THROUGH THE NIGHT Hypnosis CD have increased by a factor of 5. People who suffered from insomnia naturally bought it because it was such a perfect fit for their needs. Now with this new information, people can not only enjoy restful, rejuvenating sleep but speed up their metabolism and naturally lose weight as well.

There is another benefit to growth hormone that may interest you; it acts a virtual fountain of youth producing sexual vibrancy that seemed to get lost over the years.

I am happy to share these findings with you and all the people who attend my seminars. If sleeping deeply, with all the attendant benefits it delivers, is attractive to you, I request that you get yourself a copy of my SLEEP THROUGH THE NIGHT Hypnosis CD. It’s available at and the best news is it’s affordable at $29.95.

Sleep deep and lose weight is more than a headline. It is science.

All the best,


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