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February 8, 2008


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How long does it take to become original? It depends on how tied in you are to your culture and conditioning.

Cultures have a way of molding your wants and desires and to be like the person next to you. You may have different characteristics, but by and large, anyone paying attention knows you’re cut from the same cloth.

When I shop at Whole Foods, there is a different culture there than at the larger chain supermarket. When I walk through the neighborhood where the art school is, I see all of these young people expressively the same. They consider themselves different with their mode of dress, colorful hairstyles and metal adornments, but it’s really the cultural uniform of the young artist.

There are very few originals. From the field of entertainment, I count Bob Dylan as an original, as I do Marlon Brando, Elvis, The Beatles and Madonna. I’m sure you have your example of an original in mind.

Each original had their influences but they developed their own unique branch of the tree to bring new views to witness. Reminds me of a story . . .

Many years ago I was in the radio business and interviewing for a position at a station in Hartford, Connecticut. I was required to do an audition. After the program director listened to the performance, he asked me if I was influenced by the work of another known radio personality whom he named. I responded that I was influenced by this fellow. He then said something I will never forget. He said, “If you continue to mimic him, you will always be an imitation and never be him.” Then he hit me with the knockout blow. He said, “But you know what, as hard as he may try, he could never be you.”

You are an original. You may have to shed several layers of conditioning to reveal the unique you. Your light will shine brightest when you are doing the thing that suits you best and you will be an original. No one can replicate your light. It has a luminosity all its own.

I read a quote yesterday from advice columnist, Carolyn Hax. She said,

“It doesn’t take courage to do what tempts you. It takes courage to do what scares you.”

You may be tempted to be an imitation because there is less self-inspection and less work to do, but mustering up the courage to find your original self will have an exponentially bigger payday.

There is a lot of courage necessary to throw the crutches away and trust that you can stand on your own. It’s a scary feeling at first and then the ease and comfort of who you really are surfaces and allows you to display your original self.

I sent an email to a dear friend from long ago the other day and said, “‘Know Thyself’ is unarguably the best prescription ever written.”

When you discover yourself, you become an original expression of the Divinity that is your core.

Masquerading as someone who is not you truly is an original sin.

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