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February 6, 2008


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Did you ever really wonder what programming is running behind the scenes that is running you? – programming that isn’t on your conscious radar screen. Here’s an easy test.

The next time you do something that is accidental that you didn’t consciously want to happen, notice if and how you spontaneously label yourself.

This morning while packing some trail mix in my grandson’s lunch, I knocked over the container and it spilled all over the floor. The next thing I did was spontaneously say this, “John, you are an idiot.”

I remember saying that in the past, but I didn’t realize until this morning about the automaticity of that response, and where it came from, and the image of myself I have when I accidentally do something undesirable.

Also, this morning I had occasion to observe a squirrel gather leaves and take them back to his nest. He followed the same route, branch for branch, to and fro. He had some automatic programming running as well.

Both I and the squirrel have some hard wired stuff and some conditioned stuff. His conditioned stuff seems to work for him. Mine is a bit more pervasive and limiting.

So today I discovered there is a part of me that thinks I’m an idiot. I never noticed that part of me until this morning. What a gift!

When you begin to notice patterning that you may have missed in the past, that is an opportunity to update that controlling programming. You certainly don’t counter your pronouncement with, “I’m not an idiot.” That just sets up an Arab/Israeli debate in your mind that never goes anywhere and never leads to lasting change.

Deliberate change always begins with recognition. Notice I didn’t say with judgement, but recognition. If I hold the belief that I’m an idiot, it has some limiting behavior associated with it that may be preventing me from accomplishing something that an idiot can’t do. If I repeatedly notice my judgemental behavior when it shows up, without judging it, I open the door to change and possibility.

I got a lesson in noticing this morning and my homework project has begun.

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