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November 23, 2007


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Thanksgiving weekend brings out many traditions. We attended a high school football rivalry that’s been going on for 37 years. It was more about seeing my grandson play in the band, but it felt good to be one of the 4000 faithful in the stands.

Then there is the traditional dinner gathering, followed by football on TV with plentiful desserts and chit-chat galore. Some people will head out today and be one of the many taking advantage of the early bird specials and getting a head start on their Christmas shopping. Many class reunions are scheduled over this weekend as well to take advantage of the fact that several who moved out of town will be home for the holiday.

A few years ago, we began a new tradition at our home and I thought I would share it with you. It’s a daily way to celebrate people in your life and wish them well.

Did you ever notice that our birthdays show up twice a day on digital clocks? A digital clock will display the date of your birth twice every day.

So here’s how we take advantage of this occurrence:

When someone notices that the clock is displaying someone’s birth date, they say, “Make a wish.” Anyone within earshot then makes a silent wish for that person. If you are alone and happen to notice, you can just make a silent intention for that person.

It’s a wonderful way to remember to celebrate the people in your life and also to wish them well.

I hope you enjoy this tradition as much as we do.

All the best,


P. S. It’s not against the rules to notice your own birth date and celebrate you.

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