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November 16, 2007

Tug of War

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Are you in the process of deciding something? Chances are the pros and cons think they’re at the company picnic and are playing Tug of War.

This internal game can take a toll on you and needlessly deplete your energy.

So who’s competing? Is it the good cop/bad cop? Is it the angel and the devil? Perhaps it’s your reasoning and daydreams of fancy going back and forth.

The ego is battling itself.

The ego is all about dichotomy. It will chat on inside you about one thought and just about the time that you think that’s a grand idea, in pops the exact opposite thought. It’s the game the ego plays to stay in control of your mind.

You ego doesn’t even want you to get a sniff that there may be another way – a way that isn’t dependent on ground rules that keep you in a state of flux.

Here’s an exercise I learned from Jerry Stocking that has the decision make you.

Look at one side of the choice and completely convince yourself that this is the way to go.

Next, take the opposite position and do the same thing – completely convince yourself that this is the way to go.

Then go back and forth between the choices in your mind as fast as you can until you can go from one convincing position to the other in less than a second.

Do the one second back and forth drill for a couple of minutes and then just let it go. Go about your business and let this process gestate. More often than not, you will get a clear direction from your mind that needs no debate.

My guess is the ego can’t move as fast as the exercise and has no time to comment on the choices.

It’s a little piece of magic that will fit well in your kit and caboodle. Make sure to bring it out and use it from time to time and save yourself from an arduous afternoon at the company picnic.

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