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November 2, 2007

Punching Bags

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When I was a teenager, my father bought me a small punching bag on a swivel – the kind of speed bag you see in a Rocky Movie. About 6 years ago, my son bought me a big heavy punching bag for Christmas.

One thing I noticed about punching bags is that they rarely lose. They get pounded on quite a bit and it really takes a lot to wear one out.

Is reality your punching bag? Are you trying to beat it into submission? The odds of winning that bout are about the same as wearing out the punching bag. The only one getting worn out is you.

This practice is better known as beating your head against the wall. The only benefit is it feels good when you stop. Yet we go back for more.

I can’t remember where I read it or to whom to ascribe it, but the following quote was memorable. It read:

“The key to life is to accept and align.”

Whatever you deem negative that shows up in your Reality is to be immediately accepted – not loved or liked even a little bit – but accepted. That means you recognize what is right in front of you and accept it. That doesn’t mean not to take steps to remedy it. It just means that what is happening right now is an undeniable fact and accepting it as your current reality saves lots of needless swings at an unbeatable opponent.

Alignment is getting centered and getting connected to the part of you that really runs the show. (Hint: It’s not your thinking mind).

Once you align with this peaceful place, clarity comes to you that you’ll never find in the boxing arena. The aligned answer you receive may not be the one you were attempting to pummel into perfection, but it will come from a place of deeper wisdom, and you won’t have to go 10 rounds with reality to get it. You’ll know it’s a viable answer when it sits right in your body. (See Gut Reactions Blog from November 1st)

It will take some training to stop swinging and the effort is worth it. To align, plan some eyes closed time each day that doesn’t involve sleep. You can listen to music or use one of my Hypnosis CDs, or any other practice that quiets the mind. This type investment pays a lot more dividends than boxing with shadows, and you’ll wind up with more victories without swollen knuckles.

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