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November 21, 2007

Lost & Found

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Did you ever notice that when something is missing, it is lost? And when you see it, it is found. On the surface it looks like I’m stating the obvious, but let’s dig just a bit deeper.

It’s a matter of focus. The immediate example that comes to mind is lost car keys. “I can’t find my keys,” is the mantra we use. Where is your attention in that statement? It is on the idea of lost.

When you are focused on lost, it causes a scotoma (blind spot) in your mind for that which you want to find. You may look directly at what is deemed lost and not see it. The subtle shift in attention to “I’m finding my keys” cuts down on the search time. Pretend I made this up and then use this strategy the next time something is out of sight.

This will be more than a novel, philosophical concept when you own the experience. Ideas can be washed away by other ideas. Experience has staying power.

So let’s see how we can get some experience finding something more profound than car keys.

What is missing in your life? Notice how quickly that response came to mind. It was sitting right there just waiting to answer that question. So you are conditioned to respond to the question, “What is missing?” with the asked for criteria. It happens in less than a heartbeat. That question limits your responses and your answer keeps your attention on what’s missing.

So let’s shift the angle of approach and consider this:

The thing that’s believed missing in your life is not missing at all – it’s just not in your vision. It exists; you just can’t see it.

How do we get what we’re looking for in our field of vision? We simply focus on being grateful for its existence. You will create abundance wherever you focus your gratitude.

When you shift your attention from lost to found (missing to existing), you recondition your mind to focus on what is vs. what isn’t.

Then when we express our gratefulness for its existence, it begins to show up in our vision.

So here is my 2 step Lost & Found exercise:

First, notice that what seems to be missing does exist and is just out of view.

Second, express your gratitude for its existence.

Then begin to notice how much quicker that previously blocked vision materializes. Your focus of gratitude on existence clears a blockage in your mind and makes room for “the keys” to show up.

For this to be more than an interesting notion, you’ll have to take it for a test drive to own the experience. Make being grateful for the existence of the things you want a regular, spiritual practice and watch the loaves and fishes begin to multiply.

I can’t think of a better time than now to begin this practice of gratitude.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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