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November 1, 2007

Gut Feelings

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We all have them – all the time.

How many times have you ignored them? How many times have you dismissed them? And how many times have you second guessed them? You would need a space-age abacus to do the math.

And speaking of analytical space-agers, consider this piece of wisdom I got from The Grasshopper:

“Even science goes out the window when the odds are 50-50.”

So what is a gut feeling? It’s a sensation in your body – usually along the midline – from your throat all the way down the front to your bowels. What happens for you? Do you get an increased heart beat, a sensation in your throat, a knot or warm feeling in your stomach, a gurgling, a tightness, a tingling or something else? Or maybe you have never made the effort to isolate the feeling that triggers a thought in your head that something you couldn’t consciously conceive of is communicating with you.

Today’s blog post is a suggestion to check in with your body more often. Your body is a sensing mechanism that receives all sorts of signals – many of which we do not pay conscious attention to. When you bring your body into your conscious awareness more often, you have access to more information than your thinking mind does. This practice is a hedge against hair brained schemes and conditioned stimulus/response decisions.

Also, checking in with your body has a calming effect on the body itself. If you are interested in pursuing this benefit further, check out my Relax in 2 Minutes CD. Its whole purpose is to get you to effortlessly relax by paying attention to your body.

Think of gut feelings in building contractor terms. There are only so many homes you can erect on a small parcel of land. When you have access to more of the geography, you can construct without confinement.

Confining yourself to your mind alone is like going to Disney World for the funnel cakes – you miss a lot.

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