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August 10, 2020

The Road Less Traveled: from “Aha” to “Voila”

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Hari panicker gtO2A1RGpJk unsplashWho hasn’t had a creative idea come to mind? We’re all cauldrons of creativity but most times our inspiration lacks perspiration and our novel ideas dry up.

“Doing” is the least used verb in the vocabulary of a dreamer. That’s someone with both feet in the clouds, with not a leg to stand on when it comes to following through to make a dream come true.

We all have the ability to talk a good game. The people that get past the talk do what the rest refuse to do: DO!

Doing is the energy behind creation. It turns “Aha” into “Voila.”

Doing is a like a muscle. You need to use it or it atrophies.

Creativity will continue to come but if the ingredient to make it happen remains flabby and stationary, you’ve resigned yourself to burying your dreams.

The remedy is to do a little each day. Take on the foothills before you even think about scaling the mountain. Doing feeds on itself. It’s like saving money. It doesn’t seem like a lot when you begin, but regular, small contributions add up.

To sum up: Doing will energize your dreams and add the necessary action to your inspirational plans and schemes.

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