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August 6, 2020

It Never Ends

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Christian erfurt sxQz2VfoFBE unsplashWhen I was out for my morning walk yesterday, I saw a woman raking debris in her yard after the heavy wind storm we had. She said, “Hi” as I passed by, and I returned the greeting. She then said, “It never ends.”

Even though it was a casual comment from a person I didn’t know about the problems the recent weather caused, it was also a plea for respite.

“It never ends” is a revealing statement from someone who is feeling weighed down by the world.

Her statement was an accurate one, but it’s not about the weather or the pandemic; it’s really about reality. The “It” is reality, and it never ends. Reality is ongoing and it happens every second of every day.

This woman is not the only one feeling overwhelmed these days. It’s a mental pandemic affecting countless people. You can witness their angst talking to friends on the phone or Facetiming, Skyping, Zooming, or however you connect with others.

Here’s the overarching problem: These folks are tired of reality and don’t know how to remedy their feelings about it.

Wishing reality will end won’t do it. The remedy is learning to respond to reality vs. reacting to it. Reacting is our conditioning. It’s what we were mentally trained to do. Responding is looking at what is currently presented and giving yourself a choice. There is no choice in a reaction. “A” always causes “B.”

But what if you went further into the alphabet for a response other than “B”? If you do, you’ll find there are infinite ways to respond that go well past “Z.” When you offer a different response other than your normal one, you tap into a different area of your brain, and solutions you would have never thought of make an entrance.

If you want to stay feeling overwhelmed, keep reacting. But if you want more perspectives and different feelings, you need to exercise your ability to respond. We all have that ability but we rarely use it.

Start responding and offering yourself a choice and you’ll take away “it never end’s” antagonizing voice.

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