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July 7, 2020

Planting in Rich Soil

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Kjartan einarsson QjcZEPSqK 8 unsplashI’m not much of gardener but I’m pretty sure if you plant in rich soil, you’ll reap more of a harvest.

Things grow better in nutrient-rich environments, yet we often plant where seeds won’t grow. And even if they do, it’s a weak crop.

But this isn’t about “Green-thumb-ery.” It’s about goal setting and goal achieving.

Consciously setting a goal is a starting point. It’s the seed. So, where and how do you plant that seed?

You “Plant it in Presence.” That means you take the seed into a calm state of mind where it can root and grow. Perhaps an explanation would be helpful.

Seeing as I’ve conducted hypnosis sessions for close to 40 years, I can tell you with confidence that the way most people are taught to do goal setting with self-hypnosis is highly ineffective.

This method has dreadful results. It suggests that you get yourself in a calm state of mind and then give yourself a suggestion. That’s putting the accent on the wrong syllable.

Here’s the rub: A suggestible state of mind is a quiet mind. The second you interrupt that quiet to consciously “plant” a suggestion, you come out of the prepared soil and return to the hardpan, where you’ll be hard-pressed to grow anything.

In short, talking to yourself takes you out of the high-yielding state of presence.

A more effective way of goal setting is to bring your goal to mind beforehand. Consciously picture it, sound it out, or feel it, and imagine that you have already received it. Then, you’re ready to do your relaxation practice that transports you to a calm, nutrient-rich state of mind.

After you consciously set your goal, make your only goal getting into a frame of mind that is fertile for the seed you’re bringing in. When you do it this way, you are taking the goal in with you, not trying to formulate it after you’ve arrived.

This may seem like a minor distinction but it can cause major disappointments when you set goals out of order. If you do so, the “crop” you get will be spelled with an “a.”

Do your goal setting consciously before you take yourself inward. Set it and forget it, then put all your focus on quieting your mind. This is a fruitful way to “Plant in Presence” and, in turn, produce a bumper crop.

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