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July 6, 2020

What Color Is Your Goal?

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Francesco ungaro LFfpkofbcO4 unsplashI have a goal-setting workshop in the pipeline. It’s based on a hypnotic writing technique I learned over 30 years ago. I won’t go into all the nuts and bolts of the 2-hour workshop, but I’ll share with you one of the subliminal methods of reinforcing a goal in your mind.

It’s simple to do. Just close your eyes for a few moments and bring your goal to mind. You can either make a picture of what it looks like, or describe it in words inside your head, or get a special feeling about it. Next, assign a color to your goal. Pick a color that you’ll see quite often in your everyday life. Finally, suggest to yourself that every time you see that color, it will trigger the creative part of you to continue working on your goal. Then just open your eyes and go about your day.

Every time you experience that color throughout the day, your goal will get communicated to the creative part of your mind that’s working on it.

You may catch yourself smiling when you consciously see that color because you know it’s triggering the part of you that’s working on your goal in the background.

The best part is that you don’t even have to be consciously aware of the color for it to alert your creative self. We take in huge amounts of sensory data throughout our day that never makes it into our conscious awareness. It, nevertheless, all registers with us at some level.

The color you assigned to your goal is everywhere, and even if it’s outside of your main field of vision – like in your peripheral vision, it’s still doing the reinforcing you requested when you did the eyes-closed exercise.

You can do the eyes-closed exercise on a regular basis to reinforce what you set into motion the first time you did it. The whole procedure takes a minute or two. I call it a mini-meditation.

It’s very relaxing and easy to do, and who knew how easily you could work on your goal just by assigning it a hue?

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