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July 2, 2020

Front Street

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Front StreetMy mom used an expression to characterize when someone had it made. She would say, “Now, she’s on Front Street.” Or, she would say something like this: “If this or that had’ve happened, I’d be on Front Street.”

I came to find out that in the early days in the city of Philadelphia, Front Street was the most coveted address in town.

It got me to wondering what constitutes Front Street for me. I found out it’s my mental real estate.

Who owns prime property in my mind? Who gets to set up shop in my head? In the past, I would rent space to any thought or idea that entered. They could stay as long as they wanted, even though their presence may have been troubling to me.

I’m never going to be able to control who knocks on the door and comes in for a visit, but I can decide on who stays or goes.

I do this by employing the biggest and baddest of bouncers. His name is, “Observer.”

Just telling your thoughts to go away could go on all night and day without any results. “Hoping” they’ll leave has the same odds as “wishing” they would go.

Observer doesn’t physically toss them, he just gives them a polite stare from afar which causes them to pack up and leave. Yes, they may visit again but his presence keeps their visits short.

The good news is he’s always available and works for free, not just for me.

Start observing the thoughts that visit your mind. Do so unemotionally and without engaging them in conversation. This mere observation will give your mind a vacation from their presence.

Your mental real estate is a coveted address. Thoughts want to come and stay in the front and back of your mind. Employ observation and you’ll keep your “Front Street” a free flowing thoroughfare and quickly get bothersome thoughts out of your hair.

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