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March 10, 2020

Problematic Situation

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Debby hudson o UnUppPdIk unsplashHere’s a nugget of observation from The Grasshopper: “A situation becomes problematic when we add meaning to it.”

A situation is raw reality; it’s what happens. An apple falling from a tree is a raw reality. “It fell on me, so I could appreciate gravity” is an interpretation of the event.

It’s the interpretation that causes problems. When we “omen-ize” reality, we add meaning, and that creates problems.

To illustrate The Grasshopper’s observation, let me give one of my favorite examples from the music world. It’s a few lyrics from singer/songwriter Van Morrison in his song DOMINO.

There’s no need for argument

There’s no argument at all

And if you never hear from him

That just means he didn’t call

The word “problem” could be substituted for “argument” and the message wouldn’t change. The word “means” in this context translates to “outcome,” not a sign from above.

A similar definition of “meaning,” is contained in a teaching from NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming): “The meaning of the communication is the response that you get.”

This is a long way of saying that we create more problems than we solve when we add meaning.

Pulling petals from a flower and saying, “She love me, she loves me not” may be a way of interpreting reality, but the outcome is a problem: another “blooming” idiot who pulls apart a naturally occurring situation looking for meaning.

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