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March 6, 2020

The BIG Con

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Metin ozer oek14gIKdRI unsplashThe BIG con works best on those who can be “played.”

I’m pretty sure we all know what a con job is, but we may not be aware on whom it is the most effective. We hear about scams targeting senior citizens, or televangelists extravagantly spending their donor’s money on themselves. Those are the cons that make the headlines.

But under the radar is the BIG con. It’s played on people who are too stupid to think they’re too smart to be played.

It’s our hubris the players are playing on.

Back in my radio broadcasting days, we had a sarcastic remark we made to other broadcasters about the content of some of the questionable ads our management chose to run: “It must be true; I heard it on the radio.”

People trusted in the things their “friends” on the radio said. But that trust eroded over time because the advertising, over-the-top claims became the norm rather than the exception.

So we began to think that we could tell “shit from Shinola.” That ability lasted until the explosion of social media.

We have bought into the concept that we now can’t be played, but the new, aggressive, purveyors of propaganda play on that pride. Look for headlines and ads that begin something like this: “Are you stupid enough to believe that . . .?” Or “You know the real truth about . . .” When you see statements like this, or hundreds like them, prepare for the wooly eye covers they present next.

You’re stupid enough to be conned when you believe fervently that you can’t be.

Cons are the norm rather than the exception on social media. Be on the lookout for anything that ties too neatly into your prejudice or point of view. Calibrate your BS detector so someone doesn’t put one over on you.

If you just said to yourself, “I’m too smart to be conned,” it will be easier for them to convince you to buy their magic wand.

Buyer beware!

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