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January 28, 2019

Doses of Reality

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VitaminsThe only pure truth is reality. Reality is always a self-contained whole, never nuanced.

Accepting that, reality is often too strong a drug to administer, so we dole it out in doses.

Just like you don’t teach Algebra until there is some mastery of basic math, introducing reality without laying a foundation, will doom your mission to failure.

Yes, if there is an emergency, it’s best to present undiluted reality so all can know the necessity of an immediate response.

Effectively presenting reality is a lifelong lesson that I continue to learn. I can easily describe myself as an opponent of nibbling around the cookie, but too often I feel crumby when I don’t take small bites.

The lesson here is most folks are averse to reality even though it’s exactly what they need to formulate a response to their difficulty. The deeper lesson is: You can’t eat a whole cow at once.

Pure reality often gets people to shut down and think “What’s the use?” Dosing out reality in smaller measures keeps them flexible – loose with the requisite juice.

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