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January 15, 2019

Bring Me The Magic

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MagicLet’s just admit it aloud: We’re all looking for a piece of magic.

We want our magical thinking to work. That means we want our thinking to get us what we want.

I believe I’ve found what we all want. I sense that it’s peace of mind.

To free ourselves from the thinking machine for just a spell brings us the magic that works so well: Peace of mind.

When we have peace of mind, we are magically transported from the past and future to the present – the entry point for peace of mind.

You don’t have to slave to get peace of mind, you just have to notice your mind at work. When you stop to notice that your mind has a mind of its own, you create a quiet space of peace.

You can’t say “abracadabra” to get there. That would be like trying to pull a rabbit out of a hat. What you can do is notice the sleight of hand your mind is distracting you with. Notice your mind thinking on its own tempting you to join in.

If you, instead, just watch your mind at work, you will discover the soft piece of magic that gets you to peace of mind. There is the thinker and the observer. When you choose to think, you won’t sleep a wink. When you observe, you open a doorway to that quiet reserve: Peace of mind.

The offshoots of peace of mind are bursts of creativity – pieces of magic that were hidden from view, simply because you participated in all the ado.

I’m running out of rhymes so let me leave you with this: If you want peace of mind, start observing and leave magical thinking behind.

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