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January 1, 2019

A Solution to Resolutions

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This year I thought I’d take a different tack and list what I’m not going to do in the new year.

  • I won’t ask a question I’m not invested in.
  • I’m not learning Spanish or any other language. I’m pretty sure I would have done that by now.
  • I won’t buy a piece of photography equipment I’ll never use. (There’s a good chance I’ll break this one).
  • I won’t go camping.
  • There’s no chance that I’ll take dancing lessons.
  • I won’t attempt to change anyone’s mind on Facebook to my political preferences.
  • I won’t try Paintball.
  • I won’t eat a beet.
  • I won’t say, “Never say never.”
  • And finally, I won’t list all the things that I’ll resolve to do and never accomplish.

To say, “I am not yet a fan of New Year’s resolutions” would be a severe understatement.

Here’s my New Year’s wish for you. I hope all your aims aren’t missed. And if they are, no one has to know about it if you don’t blather on about what you’re going to do.

Better to list at the end of the year what you have accomplished. That’s a resolution that you can surely keep.

All the best & Happy New Year!


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