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October 15, 2013


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C456522 mI was taught by the good nuns at Our Lady of Perpetual Help School that God was all knowing and everywhere. We were encouraged to be Godlike.

As I grew older, it dawned on me that I couldn’t be everywhere, and much to my dismay, I couldn’t know everything.

Much later in life, I got the gift of awareness of how I could be more Godlike – Perspective.

It seems that if God is everywhere, he/she/it can see from all perspectives. To be Godlike, it helps to see things from a different angle.

Here’s an example I’ve used before to illustrate being Godlike: You are on the corner of a rooftop of a tall building looking down at the traffic at intersecting streets. You see two cars speeding towards the intersection. They don’t see each other because their view is blocked by the building. To make the example more interesting, let’s pretend that one car is in hot pursuit of a terrorist about to bomb the city and the other car is a husband rushing his pregnant wife to the hospital for delivery. You can see from this vantage point that these cars are on a collision course, no matter how noble their goals.

You have perspective.

Often, when we don’t have perspective, our current path is on a collision course with reality. That’s because we have tunnel vision. We don’t stop and take notice of our Godlike ability to engage perspective.

Imagine for a moment that all perspectives are represented by a circle marked with 360 degrees. Engaging perspective only takes shifting a few degrees either way on the circle.

Chances are, if you are not not getting the results that you want, you are stuck on one vantage point. Allow yourself the freedom to shift, ever so slightly, and view your situation from another angle.

From your new vantage point, you’ll be able to see a new perspective – one that’s not caught up in the devilish details of your current view. It’s from this perch that you’ll be able to see the Godlike thing to do.

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