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October 8, 2013

Perpetual Light

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C538686 mLight sources come and go as do people in our lives. When their power source moves on, we can no longer depend on their light to show us their particular way. Their human light, as beautiful as it was, was temporarily housed.

The light that continues to shine is perpetual. It shines through every living thing and is still here after they’re gone. It was the light that powered them and it’s the light that powers us. This light doesn’t die; it just moves on.

We are not the housing; we are the light. I believe it’s the only mystery we have to solve.

On the surface, it seems like all we are is flesh and blood. That’s where the physical evidence points. No surgeon can cut us open and find our light, but they can, without hesitation, see it shine through us, and not see it when it leaves.

When we discover that we are actually the light with temporary housing, we shine a lot brighter. The people and living creatures we miss the most knew, at base level, that they were light. That’s what we liked most about them – their light.

We do so many things to occlude our light in this lifetime. Each one of these distracting things moves us away from solving the mystery and moves us further away from basking in our light. These distractions are unenlightening. They have us chase the horizon when all we have to do is stop and notice our light.

The light lives on; the only thing you have to figure out, while you’re here, is how to let it shine through the temporary housing known as you.

It’s a work in progress for me, but I’m seeing light at the end of the tunnel. Are you?

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