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March 9, 2010


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I’ve had a new phrase creep into my vocabulary when people ask me how I’m doing.

In the past, I would say something like “swell” or “peachy.” Those words seemed antiquated enough to get peoples’ attention. I’ll admit, those answers aren’t as colorful as the one my friend, Kenny gives who says, “Fair to partly cloudy.”

But one day this answer came out and it seems to cover all the bases. I said, “I’m evolving.”

If nothing else, it will get peoples’ attention.

It’s become more than a pat answer. It is a trigger for a mindset – one that suggests what we all are: A work in progress and moving forward.

It’s a reminder that we never arrive. Arriving and staying in one place is an illusion not supported by reality. The old expression that “change is the only constant” comes to mind.

Like most people I have reverie about the “Good old days.” The operative word in there is “Old.” There is something fun about walking down memory lane but you never want to build a house there. The foundational material is quicksand. You quickly get enveloped by something that won’t allow you to evolve – the past.

Recognizing that your natural drive is to evolve keeps your side trips to the past and your regrets to a minimum. You get more focused on the drive to be alive that’s going on right now.

Life cannot be captured in a jar and preserved. It’s always evolving.

You can never start from where you were. The starting point is always where you are now. It’s the key to evolving.

This is not an argument against tradition and preferences. You may have found a style that works for you and that’s to be celebrated. It’s when you refuse to recognize that your way isn’t the only way is when you put your evolvement on hold.

Please don’t confuse evolvement with the penchant to chase the horizon and find your missing piece out there somewhere. That’s just another drive to arrive. You’ll know you aren’t evolving when you notice that “one step forward and two steps back” is the constant in your life.

Evolvement requires shedding baggage, not acquiring more of it.

In order to grow, you have let go of the past and plastic pursuits.

Evolvement doesn’t have a destination in mind, just the pure drive of being alive. It’s the recognition and appreciation of that aliveness that keeps us progressing.

It’s easy to stagnate, just decide that you’re not enough or attempt to find who you are by pretending everything you need is outside yourself.

Evolvement begins when you discover you are not defined by your possessions or pursuits or by what you have or don’t have.

You also begin to grow when you find out you don’t know all there is to know. It’s this realization that opens you up to progression because you find out there really is lots of room to grow.

It’s the day that you discover that you are enough that you begin to evolve. Everyone is enough; it’s just our conditioning that tells us otherwise.

If you pay careful attention you will see the word “Love” in evolve. Love yourself enough to know you have everything you need to evolve.

If your life has become a revolving door, it may be time to look for an exit point – evolving.

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