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December 16, 2009


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I remember that we were instructed in grammar school to STOP, LOOK & LISTEN when approaching railroad tracks. It could be a mantra for life.

STOP is an interruption of what we are doing. Since most of what we do is automated, patterned behavior, it’s beneficial to stop every once in a while and enjoy an intermission. STOP brings you back to the moment.

LOOK is observing what’s actually going on. There is a lot of thinking about what’s going on, but very little looking. How often have you asked yourself, “Why do I always do that?” Rather than ask why, look at the behavior that generates what you do. The behavior, itself, is the offending party, yet we get caught up in the thoughts about behavior, many times in an effort to defend it. LOOK at what you are doing.

LISTEN for something new. You can cite chapter and verse how your patterned thinking is going to react. LISTEN for another answer – one that’s not so well rehearsed, ingrained or top of mind. When you LISTEN in this way, new ideas come out to play.

The most important one didn’t make it into the mantra – FEEL.

We are feeling beings first and foremost. Remember: Feelings were present long before we learned the labels for them.

FEEL is a rusted barometer for most of us. It’s been unused for so long, that we forgot we had such a powerful tool. Get out the WD-40 and make it operational again.

You will FEEL an answer well before it forms pictures in your mind or words in your head. FEEL is the first responder. Pay attention to your body, It will run circles around your intellect when it comes to true knowing.

There’s no rule that says you can’t begin your New Year’s resolution NOW. May I recommend FEEL, STOP, LOOK & LISTEN.

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