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June 6, 2008

I’m Confused

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How often do we issue the declaration, “I’m confused”? I wonder if you ever looked on confusion as positive versus a negative?

When you are confused, you have an opportunity to learn. When you are certain, there is no room for new learning or a new way of doing things.

If you know, your curiosity is taking a nap. If you don’t know, your curiosity can kick into high gear and get you wondering about a bevy of conclusions to clear up your confusion.

If you can set aside what you know, you’ll have an opportunity to grow. When you know, you are shut off to innumerable possibilities. Believe it or not, there is more than one way to get to heaven.

Knowing is the biggest obstacle to learning and the quickest way to bore the pants off anyone who may be listening to you. When you know, there is a tendency to parcel out that knowledge in the same patterned way where it becomes hackneyed and trite. Your knowledge fails to connect due to a lack of attention and aliveness in its delivery. This may be a bitter pill we have to swallow when taking a math course, but worn out communication and lack of growth doesn’t have to permeate our life.

Here’s a novel idea: Pretend you don’t know and see what new perspectives you can come up with. You’ll never see them if you know.

Certainty is solid and impermeable. Not knowing is filled with holes that can absorb new knowledge and perspective.

When you don’t know, you pay attention more often. This attention is what allows you to see the possibilities. When you know, you go on automatic pilot and miss the new learning that is always there.

Knowing causes a blind spot to what’s available. If you want to remain an old dog, stay attached to your knowing. If you want to grow, drop what you know.

Confusion can become the cornerstone of creativity, if you set aside your certainty.

Now you have something new you can make merry about. Celebrate your confusion!

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