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June 2, 2008


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I was entering the supermarket on Saturday and spotted a group of young Asian people collecting for earthquake relief victims in China. I was following a woman, her husband and their child into the store. The woman says to one of the people collecting, “What’s this?” The young woman replied, “It’s for earthquake victims in China.” The woman replied, “What about America?” and kept walking.

Give or don’t give.

What a poor example to set for your child. This us against them mentality gets passed from generation to generation and it doesn’t allow for the salve that heals – compassion.

Notice the prickliness of the following statement in your body: “I wouldn’t piss on you if you were on fire.”

If your body had an uneasy reaction to that stimulus, get curious about what your version of that statement is and vow not to pass it on.

Everyone has some sort of prejudice. If you notice yours, you have an opportunity to outgrow it. Even if you choose to keep it in place, make every effort not to pass it along. You may want to ask yourself this question, “Does my prejudice deliver peace to me?”The answer is Never! So we choose to keep something in place that keeps us hurting. That is the closest definition to insanity that anyone will ever come up with and the practice of keeping this madness alive is global.

Many of us inherited our prejudices by the conditioning of our parents, teachers, peers, clergy and culture. We got a lot of this stuff without our permission. We have never examined some of our beliefs that cause us and others pain; and we blindly pass along that pain to those we love. What loving parent knowingly passes along unnecessary pain to their child?

Teach compassion by being compassionate. This has nothing to do with reaching into your wallet. It’s more about reaching into your heart and wringing out the hatred that keeps you in pain and recognizing that another is a mirror image of you. You may not share the same heritage, skin color or ideology, but you do share the same life force. If you cannot be compassionate for another’s misfortunes, you’ll never be able to fully feel another’s compassion for you.

Compassion is meant to flow and you dam it up for yourself and others when you selectively offer it.

Make the effort today to offer compassion where you may have withheld it in the past. It can be a silent offering that no one needs be aware of but you. Notice the release of tension that goes along with your offering, and feel the flow of peace that permeates your body.

Compassion works for everyone and adds to your peace. Indifference is a barrier that keeps us isolated from compassion and all its healing properties.

Practice compassion.

All the best,


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