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June 3, 2008

The Silent Embrace

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Did you ever notice that a hug doesn’t need words? It works its magic all by itself. I’m heading to Florida next week and will have an opportunity to visit with my son, Michael. Mike is the best hugger I have ever experienced and his embrace is always looked forward to and cherished.

I’ve been reading Wayne Dyer‘s interpretation of the Tao Te Ching and he mentions that the 56th verse of this ancient book of wisdom is the most popular. You may have heard the opening verse in some form or another:

“Those who know do not talk. Those who talk do not know.”

A hug doesn’t talk.

But what if you are not in proximity of someone who needs a hug? You employ “The Silent Embrace.” Wayne Dyer triggered this idea when he used the words “Secret Embrace.” Either name will work with this exercise that just came to me. The name isn’t important; the practice is what makes it worthwhile.

Think of someone you know who needs a hug or someone you would like a hug from. Imagine giving or receiving a silent, melt-your-muscles-like-butter hug. Hold the embrace for as long as necessary and feel the calming sensations throughout your body.

You can use this silent embrace with anyone. They can even be passed on and you will receive the peaceful benefits in your body. Please don’t delay this exercise. It’s real powerful and you can do it right now in less than a minute.

My sense is that you are not the only one who will feel the therapeutic effects of this embrace.

I’ve begun a new practice today – The Silent Embrace. I offer it to you and encourage you to report back on your experiences with this heartfelt hug.

All the best,


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