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April 9, 2008

Noah’s Ark

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Imagine that the story of Noah’s Ark contained a different message for all of us. The story goes that Noah built a vessel to preserve a portion of all the known creatures on the earth in anticipation of a giant flood. He boarded two of each species. These creatures would be the only ones left to populate the world after the flood waters subsided.

Pretend for a moment that Noah built our personal vessel as well and stocked it with two of these living things. He left it for us to discover that the interaction between these two will determine how smooth our sail will be.

Noah guides us through this journey but he won’t be a hands-on tour director. He will let us find our own way and be there in the background should we need his guidance.

It’s really up to the two of us to find the level of cooperation that determines our direction and speed toward desired ports of call.

Like all extended sailings, this one has storms and on board emergencies to deal with as the tides of life toss us to and fro with all the attendant pitch and roll. Not many escape getting seasick from time to time.

As in many relationships, it seems that one participant has to have it be their way all of the time. This puts undue strain on the vessel. Balance is lost and our ship leans to one side and begins to take on water.

There is some frantic bailing activity that takes place each time the boat gets out of balance. Repeated acts of unbalance drain our energy subjecting us to drowning by our own doing.

Sometimes we have to get more than a mouthful of seawater to convince us that cooperation and balance is in our best interest.

The two creatures that Noah gave us have names – Human and Being.

Being can survive without Human, but Human cannot make it on his own. He needs the support of Being, but oftentimes doesn’t know this until his antics almost sink the ship.

Consult with Being everyday and, together, plot the course that has you sail in calmer waters. This gives you more time to appreciate the cruise with its varied ports of call, rather than being on constant bucket brigade.

Here’s a question you may want to ask yourself each day before you head out to sea:

“Is my vessel shipshape?”

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