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April 4, 2008

3 Magic Words

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I’m sure someone keeps track of the number of words that are in each language and I’m sure you would need a solar powered abacus to count them all. The focus today will be on just 3 of these words, and they are magical.

You rarely, if ever, hear these words. It seems as if you were a contestant on Wheel of Fortune, you would have to pay too dearly for the letters, so they aren’t used there either.

District attorneys are amazed that a convicted criminal would take a longer prison sentence rather than say these words in open court.

Deathbeds are devoid of these words as well.

It seems that the mouth freezes when these words come to mind.

The hidden secret is that these 3 magic words easily open doors that have been nailed shut and bolted. The speaking or writing of these words allows forgiveness an opening to flow through. The heart mending that’s felt when hearing these 3 words is indescribable.

So why are these words so hard to speak? It’s because your ego knows if you utter them, it’s given a death sentence. The conditioned you, the ego, keeps these words unspoken in an attempt to lengthen its life and continue the strangle hold it has on you. The ego knows that once you discover the magic power of these words, it becomes yesterday’s news that you put down for the dog to pee on.

The conditioned you, with all its patterned behaviors, will do anything to survive and keep up appearances. It knows that its fa├žade of impenetrability that it presents to the world will be shattered by these 3 words, and it will be found out to be the giant pretender that it is.

WARNING: When you say these words to someone, you have to do it without an agenda otherwise they lose their magic.

So what 3 magic words open the door to forgiveness, mend fences and hearts, and grease the skids for the ego’s demise?

You may not believe me when I tell you because I could have made this up. This is one theory that will remain a theory until you, as the British say, “give it a go.” You will never own the magical experience that I promise until you put these 3 magic words to use. Once you own the experience, it will no longer be theory and the benefits you receive will be ongoing.

I didn’t say it would be easy, just rewarding. Even practicing these words in a mirror is difficult because the ego is more afraid of them than the Wicked Witch of the West is afraid of taking baths.

You may not be ready to use these words yet because it may take some time for this message to sink in. Don’t put it off too long though because the longer you wait, the less likely you are to say them.

So if you’re ready to take an adventure ride that there is no going back from, and if you’re ready to put the past behind you, and if you’re ready to open the door to forgiveness, take a deep breath and say these 3 magic words.


All the best,


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