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April 8, 2008


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Seems we are always sending out signals whether we know it or not. The amazing thing is that everyone receives the signals we are sending out whether we want them to or not.

The traffic light is a wonderful metaphor for the signals that are sent and received. Let’s look at them from top to bottom and see if we can see which ones we are sending.

RED: In the world of traffic it means STOP. Are you sending out a STOP signal to the universe and all its inhabitants? Look at your life up to this point. Have people stopped loving you, stopped caring about you, moved away from you? Has the abundance of the universe stopped showing its face to you? Are you stuck at the stop light? You can’t figure it out. You’re a nice person. You do lots of nice things for people but it’s not reciprocated. Seems like you’re always the better friend and you give more than you ask for. After having these thoughts, we get caught up in the mind game called “Fair.” As The Grasshopper said,

“Fair is for Fairy Tales”

The real question is, “What signal are you sending out that trumps all of your conscious good works? One place to look for your secret signal (it’s only a secret and unknown to you) is in your language. Language reflects what’s going on at the subliminal level. It bubbles up from that other than conscious part of you and is a telltale sign of what’s going on below decks. You may think that you are piloting the ship beautifully from the wheelhouse but unknown to you the crew is planning a mutiny in the galley.

Another place to look is in your personal history. Life leaves clues. Do you think all of these similar, repetitive events are chance misfortune? You are sending out a signal and it says, STOP! – Stop loving me, stop caring about me, stop doing things for me, stop sending the natural flow of the abundance of life to me. It’s not necessary to know the triggering event that has you send this signal. It’s enough to know that it is YOU sending the signal, not everyone else misunderstanding you. This realization, alone, is often enough of a catalyst for you to start sending out another signal.

YELLOW: This means caution and the inability to act. Yellow is fear. Do you send out the fear signal? It communicates to all that you sit on the fence and only seem to act when pushed or guilted into something. It’s hard to include someone who is so cautious because you are not sure they can be counted on. They seemingly forget what is important to others, not so much out of selfishness but out of being stuck in the middle. The person sending the caution signal is in a constant tug-of-war with themselves about which way to go and weighing all the possibilities which has a way of weighing them down and keeping them in place.

This person sending this signal wants it all but doesn’t realize that all cannot be handled even if acquired. The conscious answer for this signal sender is to prioritize. This has a directive effect on their energy and doesn’t have it be so scattered. The deeper answer is recognizing that you cause all the tug-of wars you constantly see around you by carrying around your caution signal with you. You project your yellow light on every situation and color it to fit your subliminal expectation. Notice that the ground is the only place to live and then pick a side of the fence. If it’s not to your liking, there are always moving vans available.

GREEN: It’s the GO signal. It’s the color of abundance and the color of growth. Green signals optimism and possibility. Green gives you permission to act, permission to recognize and correct. Green gives other people the signal that it’s OK to proceed in your direction, it’s OK to trust in you, and it’s OK to trust yourself. Green is the signal of openness – open to what life has to offer.

RED & YELLOW halt the flow of life.

Think GREEN!

All the best,


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