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October 13, 2020

The Glue of Certainty

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Anne nygard Bdr3SOfMpQ0 unsplash“What you knew keeps you from learning something new.” That’s what the Grasshopper had to say at the crack of dawn today.

It sounded like a new reminder but it’s actually based on a 2007 Grasshopper Note called Know Less, Discover More.

Certainty is like cement. It keeps you stuck in place with nowhere new to go. It gives new meaning to the word “Blockhead.” You’re blocking your head from accepting any new information that could broaden your view, and quite possibly teach you something new.

Pursuing “new” for newness sake is just adding the latest shiny toy to your collection. This reminder is more about subtraction – subtracting what you know, giving you ample room to grow.

It’s like the old closet cleaning exercise. The universe seems to favor a vacuum. When you clean out your closet, you create a space for something new. Notice that you add new wardrobe items, not worn threads of the past.

“Damn sure” and “I’m certain” cloak you in old garb – making an unmistakable fashion statement. Think of a person you know that still has the same fad hairdo from high school going on. Notice too, that they’re locked in a mindset that hardly allows anything new.

Examine your certainties in the light of day and you may discover that what you knew is losing some of it’s glue, giving you the freedom to learn something new.

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