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Know Less, Discover More - Grasshopper

Whatever you're holding on to for dear life is an impediment to learning something new. Something knew is better than something known. If you allow your knowing to become past tense and short-lived, then new discoveries will thrive.

If knowing is a constant, there will be little room for newness to pop in. There is an attitude that goes along with "I know." The attitude is a repellant to others. This "I'm right" mindset has you continually justify what you're holding on to. Truth be told, you have a handful of air.


Letting go takes on a new meaning in this light. Letting go of what you know lets you see more of the show. You pay attention more when you don't know. It's certainty that has you miss something. Trust is letting go of what you know while anticipating that an appropriate response will take its place.

It's very similar to a small restaurant that has limited seating. If you have 7 tables and you keep three of them occupied by the same people all evening, then your influx of new customers will be more limited. If you have all 7 tables recycle customers throughout the night, you will have access to more customers. Any restaurant owner or business owner will tell you that new business is necessary for growth.


If you're not growing, you're knowing.


The payoff for knowing is a limited attention span. A limited attention span will always lead to boredom because you will be dealing with the same thoughts over and over again. A person is a bore to themselves long before they bore others. Eventually, you get tired of hearing yourself spout the same stories that justified what you knew. Knowing is like cement.


You have access to everything when you know nothing. When you know, you shut off the flow. Knowing is a limitation.

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