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June 30, 2020

We’re All Experts

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Austin distel 4r72LPFh4Ik unsplashI think we can all agree that we’re “good” at something. What we may not agree on is that all of us are “experts” at that something.

Yet, tons of us are experts in something that doesn’t serve us well. Perhaps that’s you. I know, in the past, it was me.

What is this thing that many of us have expertise in that causes us more harm than good? We’re experts in what we “don’t want.”

Sorry for the double negative here, but have you ever noticed that hardly anyone doesn’t know what they don’t want? It’s one thing to have that realization; it’s another to recognize that awareness is not getting you closer to what you “do” want.

The goal seeking part of our mind doesn’t work so well with “don’t want” goals. It does, however, shift into high gear when we give it a desired “DO want” target to shoot for.

Just a slight shift in perspective keeps your focus from getting scattered and your aim from getting watered down. Set your focus on what you DO want and leave your “don’t want” behind, and you’ll stop being an expert on what has become a daily grind.

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