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June 2, 2020

Thoughts Arising

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Motoki tonn ezOKZhYJAFo unsplashI often refer to thoughts as “popping in.” I’ve come to prefer a new descriptive word for how thoughts come to my conscious attention: Arising.

Thoughts arise within us; they don’t come from somewhere out there, which “popping in” suggests.

Where do these thoughts arise from?

Two places, as best as I can tell.

1. Our Subconscious

2. Our Observer.

The thoughts arising from our subconscious are conditioned thoughts. We’ve had them before and we’ll have them again.

The thoughts that arise from our observer are new, and fresh as a daisy.

Our thoughts are not coming from the azure skies; they’re arising from within.

The thoughts that come from our conditioning are often laden with emotion and fear. The thoughts that arise from the unemotional observation of our mind at work are creative and eye-opening.

Want more creativity to arise? Recognize that the answers you long for are already in you, not out there in the skies of blue.

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