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June 29, 2020

You’re Not Like Me

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Franck v miWGZ02CLKI unsplashIt’s not a universal law but I believe it’s more than a local ordinance to claim that those with whom we disagree are often categorized, by us, as “Not like me.”

You might disagree with someone’s lifestyle, viewpoint, politics, religion, social views, etc. but if you examine your opposition more closely, I think you’ll discover that your real view is they’re “not like you.”

Truth be told, no one is like you, not even if you have an identical twin. We’ve all developed different personalities with beliefs and habits that are uniquely ours. So expecting someone else to be just like you is more than a tall order; it’s impossible.

This realization may get you to conclude that what we all have in common are our differences.

It’s in all of our interests to respect those differences without castigating someone out of hand. Who knows, we might even make some new, exciting music by joining their band.

I believe we can all be a little more accepting. It certainly couldn’t hurt, because thinking they’re “not like me” is just a little too curt.

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