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December 29, 2017

Evolving Energy

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Yin yangMy friend Pablo claims that people don’t change. I agree with his assertion with one caveat: Some people do evolve.

I know I’ve evolved on many viewpoints and actions that I’ve held or engaged in in the past, so it’s not hard for me to believe evolvement has happened to others as well.

I’ve come to believe that the evolvement is different for men and women. In general, women have been described as having Yin (feminine) energy; Men have been described as have Yang (masculine) energy.

The evolvement has men adopt more feminine energy and women to take on more masculine energy. Each becomes more balanced in the process. And one thing the yin and yang symbol does represent is balance.

I’ve witnessed too many women of a certain age declare (verbally or by their actions) that “I’m not going to take it any more.” That’s evolving towards masculine energy.

Men get in less bar fights after a certain age. Call it common sense or adopting feminine energy. Either description works for me.

My sense is this: To evolve we have to entertain viewpoints and actions that don’t match up with the energy we’ve pledged allegiance to in the past.

You can practice on your own before taking your new energy out into the big world. Try on the opposite energy and see what it feels like. It may be uncomfortable at first but gets easier with each fitting.

After a while, the new energy seems natural to you and not a departure from who you are. You’re just more inclusive now and that seems to be the prescription for evolving.

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