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December 28, 2017


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As we head into a new year, here’s a posting from an old year about something that never goes out of style: GRATITUDE.

I was meditating on the word GRATITUDE this morning and here’s what came up:

G. Give thanks daily. There is always something to be thankful for.

R. Respond with kindness.

A. Ask for what you want. Beating around the bush can get you poison ivy.

T. Treat others to your attention. It’s the biggest commodity you have to offer.

I. Immerse yourself in solitude daily.

T. “Thank you” will always get you more than “know you in the biblical sense.”

U. Uncover your hidden treasures. You may have to dig a little.

D. Discover others; it’s a great way to find out about yourself.

E. Empathize and you’ll never feel empty.

All the best,


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