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October 20, 2015

Best Friend

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Snoopy  ChuckThe Grasshopper had this to say in the wee hours of this morning: “You are your own best friend.”

What an eye-opener! Tough to go back to sleep with that tidbit rolling around in your head.

After reflection, it didn’t seem to mean that you can’t have outside best friends; it just communicated that inside your skin, you have to be the person you rely on the most.

It goes much deeper than narcissism. That’s just idolizing the person you made up and pretend to be. Being your own best friend is knowing there is a part of you that you can always count on to:

1. Be there for you.

2. Offer you the wisest counsel.

I remember Dr. Dave Dobson telling us over 25 years ago that we were our own best counselors. That didn’t mean we shouldn’t seek outside help; it just meant, when evaluating their input, we had a part of us we could trust to know if it was or wasn’t useful.

You have access to your best friend 24/7. To contact them all you have to do is calm the surrounding noise in your mind, so their guidance comes through clearly and unambiguously.

Your best friend won’t abandon you in time of trouble or need. They’re just hard to hear when your surrounding thoughts are like overgrown weeds.

There are a zillion ways to quiet your mind. Find a few that work for you and when you do, your best friend will always come through.

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