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October 2, 2015

Center of the Universe

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UniverseHere’s something each of us can say with certainty: We are the center of the universe.

You may have heard something like this from a parent growing up, especially if you were acting selfishly: “The whole world doesn’t revolve around you.” But it does.

If you take the idea of infinity out to a logical conclusion, you can prove my premise that you are the center of the universe and so is everyone else.

There is only one person that can occupy the exact space you’re in right now. No one else can fit there but you. Now imagine lines going out from your body in all directions toward infinity. Now reverse engineer that. Notice exactly where infinity comes back to. It comes back to you. You are the center of infinity; you are the center of the universe.

So what does all of this suggest?

I believe it illustrates that each of us has infinite potential – potential to create well past our self-imposed limitations.

Here’s a mental exercise that will help unlock your infinite potential:

Pretend you are going into a special room where the sole purpose is to tap into your infinite potential and creativity. Before you enter the room, notice and heed the sign on the door: “Leave your limitations outside the room.”

You can certainly claim your limitations on your way out if you want to, but they are not allowed in the room.

You are now in a place with no limitations. What does that feel like? Take time to notice because they are the sensations that are the engine of creativity. Cultivate these sensations with each visit and watch your limitations begin to melt and fade when you’re on the outside of the room.

Infinity is pointing back at you every moment of every day. Just take some time to get your limitations temporarily out of the way and discover who you truly are: The center of the universe.

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