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February 27, 2015

Silver Lining

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Lone ranger silver 1965The Grasshopper had this to say last night: “Get to the silver lining quicker.”

It sounds like another version of “Hindsight is 20-20” on first blush, but it seems more “proactive” – (a word I’ve come to loathe).

Finding the silver lining before you normally do shortens the storm.

So how do we find the silver lining before we get to hindsight?

Notice that much of the interference preventing us from getting to the silver lining is the mental cloud of dust we foster by focusing on what can’t be done or what can’t happen. That’s a self fulfilling prophecy that feeds on itself.

The silver lining of a situation presents itself when we start asking possibility questions like: “What would happen if I could?” That doesn’t insure that you’ll find your way out of your fix but it certainly presents more options.

“What would happen if . . . ?” isn’t a silver bullet but it will help you hit the mark more often rather than being pinned down by pessimism.

Too many of us wait too long for our silver lining to reflect how a life challenge benefited us. It’s possible to get to the benefit stage sooner. Start asking possibility questions and you’ll kick in your inner masked man and ride towards some action.

Hi-Yo Silver, Away!

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