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February 6, 2015

Mark of Maturity

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C151093 s“Consistency is a mark of maturity” was The Grasshopper’s message this morning.

I didn’t have to ponder this one too long since I attend services regularly and worship at the altar of consistency.

I pray I can be as consistent as the gods I adore, allowing me into the elite club of those I consider mature.

Having been and having raised young adults, I can attest that we were too inconsistent to earn a seat at the adult’s table. We were denied that honor because we hadn’t yet learned that, as my mother-in-law used to say, “trying on new hats” isn’t a way of life.

There’s nothing wrong with trying something new; it’s the constant flitting from one new thing to another that delays our maturity. We are consistently inconsistent.

For the most part, we outgrow our inconsistent behavior but if you’re constantly butting up against life, chances are good that you haven’t.

Watch anyone who is consistently struggling and notice how inconsistent they are.

There is too much magical thinking going on with them. As my hypnosis teacher Dave Dobson used to say, “You’re thinking like a teenager.”

Consistency needs routine, something the perpetually immature abhor.

If you rail against routine, you will remain as inconsistent as a teen.

Invite some routine into your life and watch the fruits of consistency grow before your very eyes. Your harvests will be bigger as you embrace maturity and drop your inconsistent reprise.

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