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January 30, 2014


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C164074 mI think one of the most potent words in the English language is “Loser.” Whether it’s used pejoratively or not, it seems to convey the lowest of lows.

The Grasshopper checked in with a less stinging and more insightful definition. “Loser: One who is struggling against the flow of life.”

We’ve all struggled and the more we do, the more we lose.

I’m reminded once again about the remarks of the late comedian/actor, Jackie Gleason revealing a secret to life: “Be going out when the tide is going out and be coming in when it’s coming in. Anytime I did it differently, I paid the price.”

What is the flow of life? It’s what presents itself every moment – Reality. The flow of life is the flow of reality. Some days reality will flow our way; some days it won’t.

It’s too easy to say, “Go with the flow.” That’s a directive without direction. My suggestion is to begin to recognize when you are railing against reality; then you’ll know you’re going opposite to the flow.

Recognition that you are swimming against the tide is often enough to get you to stop struggling. The struggle is getting you nowhere. You are better served waiting for the tide to shift.

To know that you’re not in the flow is an asset that signals you to stop struggling (losing) and wait for a more opportune time to expend your energy.

Are you putting too much energy into losing? it’s a question worth asking and worth waiting for a response.

I think it’s this simple; If you are struggling against the flow, you are choosing to continue losing.

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