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August 26, 2013


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C409133 m“Create an environment” goes hand-in-hand with “Build a Life” in the “words to live by” department.

Living a life and building a life are two different things. If you are just living a life, you are a passenger, rather than a driver.

Building a life needs the enlistment and cooperation of others and that’s where creating an environment comes in. If you want to entice others into the life that you’re building, you have to create an environment – one that makes them feel good about being part of this project.

Whether it’s asking another for their hand in marriage or asking someone to buy your widgets, you need to create an environment where it’s easy for them to say “Yes.”

How do you go about creating an environment? Yes, it helps to have a plan but that’s often not attractive enough. Getting them to the point that they can entertain saying “Yes” requires an environment that’s comfortable for them. How do you make someone feel comfortable? Give them your attention. Make your main focus tending to them rather than what you want them to buy into.

When you create an environment by sending your attention out, people will more easily be attracted to you and, by extension, whatever it is you are building or selling.

How do you give attention? Cease planning what you are going to say when another is speaking. The old railroad sign comes to mind – “Stop, Look & Listen.” Stop talking to yourself in your head when another is speaking, give them the benefit of your gaze and hear what they are actually saying.

Create that environment with the people you meet and you will have a crew at the ready when it comes to building a life.

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